Wind Damages

Asphalt shingle are quite susceptible to wind damage. As shingles age the seal strip that glues them to the other shingles starts to deteriorate. Once it becomes loose then wind can easily get under it. Most shingles are rated for wind speeds up to 45 miles per hour. However, 30 mph winds can cause damage once the seal strips are weakened.

Wind damage occurs when the shingle is lifted past the breaking point. The fiberglass mat in the shingle will crack usually at the top of the shingle and cause a hinge effect. If the wind is strong enough the shingle may be blown off completely.

Tornados and hurricanes can rip whole sections of shingles off a roof in a matter of seconds exposing the property to severe water damage that may result in mold growth and rot leading to structural damage.

Insurance companies want to pay for repairs immediately after wind damage occurs in order to prevent having to pay for much larger issues such as mold and/or structural rot. Most water leaks coming from the roof are related directly with wind driven rain. If you have a leak that doesn’t get worse during every rain event, but only severe storms that you are a victim of wind driven rain. Wind that is strong enough to blow water “uphill” on your roof will push water into your home. The Allgood team is highly trained to determine the location and reason behind your damages. If you have a leak or believe you may have wind damage, contact Allgood immediately so we can assess your damages at no charge.